2 Meter FM Repeater – W7TT

Frequency: 145.310
Input: 144.710
Tone:  100.0 PL

DMR VHF Repeater – WA7DMR

RX Freq MHz:  147.4125   
TX Freq MHz:  146.4125   
CC:  1 BP

Part of the PNWDigital DMR Network.


ARRL Affiliated Club

Amateur Radio License Exam

The Central Washington Amateur Radio Club (CWARC) will be hosting a second Amateur Radio License Exam for the 2023 year.

LOCATION: Port of Ephrata Conference Room

ADDRESS: 1990 E Division Ave, Ephrata, WA

DATE and TIME: July 22nd, 2023 at 0900 hours

WHAT TO BRING: Click here to see what you need to have with you on the day of the testing.